What are the required documents when withdrawing credits?

Anyone who needs a loan and prepares to receive a loan must first be aware of which documents are requested when the loan is withdrawn.

Often the documents requested by banks for the use of loans are common. However, documents may vary depending on your working status and the loan you will receive. If you are a company owner or as a capital company partner, the required documents will change accordingly. Although the minimum credit age for most banks is 18, some banks want to be 20. For all these different needs, you can find the required documents in the credits.


Documents Required When Taking A Housing Loan

Documents Required When Taking A Housing Loan


If you are a working person;

  • Payroll breakdown (income certificate) is one of the required documents when you take out a loan.
  • If you are retired, you will be required to have your retirement certificate and bank passbook showing your pension.
  • In addition, photocopy of ID card, driver’s license or passport
  • A copy of the title deed document of the house you want to buy is also requested.


Documents Required When Taking A Loan

Documents Required When Taking A Loan

General documents are requested for general purpose loans.

These documents;

  • Income certificate of the person,
  • Bank passbook showing pension
  • Photocopy of identity card, passport or driver’s license.


Documents Required for Corporate Loans

Documents Required for Corporate Loans

If you want to take credit as the company owner;

  • Current tax plate,
  • An annual income statement or current business statement is required.

In addition to other documents, the annual corporate tax return is required by the banks if you want to withdraw credit as a capital company partner.


Documents requested from the guarantor when taking credit

To vouch for someone who will draw credit; if the borrower fails to meet the requirements, it means being the person who accepts to make the payment instead.

Documents required from the guarantor when taking credit;

  • It is an income document.
  • Apart from this, the guarantor will live in the same province as the person who will take out the loan and sign the document showing the conditions of the guarantor.